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Prosperity is "The experience in which our needs are easily met and our desires are spontaneously fulfilled" Deepak Chopra

PROSPERITY was born as the ally for investors, people and companies to achieve their purposes, providing financial solutions with optimal returns.

Don Mostachón was in charge of designing the image of this brand. The number 111 was incorporated into the logo, which in numerology is a manifestation of prosperity, translating the tangible benefits of the brand into a magical language. Likewise, a simple and elegant logo was built that is the result of the union of the three letters of the company name: P, F and G.

For PROSPERITY, at Don Mostachón we design brand communication materials that achieve the objectives of both differentiating the brand from its competitors, and locating it in the financial services niche.

To this end, we used colors, materials, fonts and inks that subtly and elegantly project the strength of the brand, with cheerful tones, but also reflecting the seriousness that the company takes in its business.

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